Gooseberry Soy + Flax oil

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Here's thetruth folks, certified organic soy oil can not affect hormones. There is nothing synthetic about this product. Thesecond ingredient is Certified organic Flax Seed oil. The benefit among many is this product in its purity will help filter out excess estrogen. Let's not mix the facts and keep it pure. Let your horse benefit from this product!
An essential fatty acid (EFA) is a critical nutrient that must be supplemented in the diet as horses are not able to synthesize them from other feedstuffs. Reseachers are just now exploring and testing the importance of EFA's in the diet.
These tests have shown:

joint inflammation is decreased with the feeding of Omega3 and Omega6
skin problems--scaling, redness, itching improve
may reduce ulcers in horses as it does in other species
mares carry foals longer and have higher birth weights, also milk better from high energy diets
this product is processed naturally and does not have any preservatives added This product works very well with our Gooseberry Specialty Blend horse feed!!
You can use up to 6oz per day per horse for a very clean fat source. Please be sure to shake well before use.

Our clients absolutely love this product. Sure there are a lot of concerns about the use of soy products these days, however, our product is cold pressed. This means there is only pure soy and pure flax oil in our blend.
Did you know that Flax oil helps to filter excess estrogen? Did you know that the small intestines and pancreas secrete enzymes to help your equine breakdown oils given to them?
Did you know that most commercial oils have been hydrogenated? Now that is a product that can not be broken down in the body. So make sure you are feeding your horse only the finest cold pressed oil by using Gooseberry Soy/Flax Oil Blendâ„¢.
Need a little fat in your horses diet? Simply mix 1-4oz of Gooseberry Soy/Flax Oil â„¢ in your horse feed per day and watch the changes begin!